We deliver a solution to the market which has three steps:

  • Friendships

  • Ability Hubs

  • Study Nets

  • Talent Hearts

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These three platforms are designed to uplift folks that are left at the margins and systematically excluded from educational and professional opportunities.

The first level, Study nets, is built off collaboration. We welcome self-motivated learners to work with other teachers, mentors, and students to figure out what skills or subjects they may need to focus on and then, develop and execute a plan to accomplish their goals. We want to help you hone your skills and gain experience in the career field of your choice. 

Talent Hearts is the next platform. It harnesses data from the Department of Labor to zero in on what work opportunities are available across various career fields. After assessing your skills and interests, we help you build a profile so you are able to attract internships that are beneficial to you, rather than settling for any mediocre opportunity that comes your way. One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is to complete an internship that introduces you to the job market and leverages you to soon be employed full-time. 

The final tier is Ability Hubs. Similar to Talent Hearts, it allows the individual to analyze what opportunities are best fit for them, but these are permanent placement positions, rather than temporary internships. 

We want you to dream! This multi-step approach is made to assist anyone in the process of developing their skills and then identifying temporary and permanent opportunities that align with their goals at large. Our goal is simply to uplift you the best we can!

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